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Thoroughly Medicated for Your Safety

I recently celebrated my 5th rezday in SL™. Five years! And my SL gets better each year.

This last year was the best yet. It was a year of bonding with the most awesome people in SL, a year of learning and achieving things I dared not dream of, and a year of growth in both lives.

Last week, I was enthusiastically telling an RL friend about SL and the many warm and wonderful people I’ve met here. She remarked that I was ready for a straitjacket and a one-way ticket to the funny farm.

My love of SL shows no signs of waning. So here I am, in my straitjacket, thoroughly medicated for your safety:

Hair: Other by elikatira
Pants: Slim Fit Pants by *COCO*
Shoes: Flair Flats by elikatira
Skin: Pout by Curio
Straitjacket: Straight Jacket by Second Life Heroes

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One-Day-Only Deal at RFyre

Ahoy, matey! ‘Tis International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Yep, ’tis the hour to unleash ye inner buccaneer.

Arrr, so ye be wantin’ t’ go to sea an’ ye don’t be wantin’ t’ end up in Davy Jones’ Locker? Then ye best be learnin’ t’ be talkin’ like a buccaneer.

I be wearin’ this full ‘o awe costume by RFyre:

Look Ma, no shirt! Arrrrr!

Th’ scurvy pirate outfit be available in male ‘n female versions at 50% off this day only. So hurry on over ‘n get ye copy now.

Find Your Inner Pirate!

Outfit: Rowanne Womens Pirate Black by RFyre
Boots: Prestige Boots Black Suede by BAX
Hair: Keitaro by Discord Designs
Pose: [LAP]
Skin: Alyson by Belleza

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Micro Devil Avatar

This is a really small avatar. Small enough to land on someone’s shoulder and whisper in their ear.

This store carries a large variety of teensy adorable avatars.

Micro Devil Avatar by Screwball Cartoon Avatars

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Micro Book Worm Avatar

These adorable avatars are really really small. Julia’s Wacky What-Nots carries a variety of amazing mini avatars. Do teleport over and look around. If you see Julia, say hi. She’s one of the friendliest and most helpful people on the grid.

Mini Book Worm Av by Julia’s Wacky What-Nots

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