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Thoroughly Medicated for Your Safety

I recently celebrated my 5th rezday in SL™. Five years! And my SL gets better each year.

This last year was the best yet. It was a year of bonding with the most awesome people in SL, a year of learning and achieving things I dared not dream of, and a year of growth in both lives.

Last week, I was enthusiastically telling an RL friend about SL and the many warm and wonderful people I’ve met here. She remarked that I was ready for a straitjacket and a one-way ticket to the funny farm.

My love of SL shows no signs of waning. So here I am, in my straitjacket, thoroughly medicated for your safety:

Hair: Other by elikatira
Pants: Slim Fit Pants by *COCO*
Shoes: Flair Flats by elikatira
Skin: Pout by Curio
Straitjacket: Straight Jacket by Second Life Heroes

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Floral Cardigan

Spring always puts me in the mood for pretty floral prints. So I was forced to go shopping last night. Forced, I tell you.

I found this sweet feminine top at Coco and had to have it right away.

I paired it with a white tank and red shorts and I feel pretty, oh, so pretty.

Cardigan_Flower by COCO
Essential Tank – Snow by Mischief
Stevens Shorts – Ruby by Decoy

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