Negotiating with Spies

19 Aug

I was hanging out minding my own business when a little bird whispered in my ear that my blog had been hijacked. Oh noes!

I decided to talk things over with Agent Kazakov. Cool calm negotiation is the way to go. Yes! Sam will return my keys and all will be well again. I phoned her and we agreed to meet.

We um talked and er negotiated a deal. Sam will be staying on and will post when she wants to and I will like it. I am er delighted to have her here.

Samantha Kazakov is a prolific blogger; a talented musician, chef and gardener; and an amazing friend. Welcome aboard, Sam!

Bandages: Bandage Kit from Grendel’s Children
Dirt: Dirty Overlay from Sh*t Happens
Dress: Lilani from L`Abel
Earrings: Cotidiano from KessKreations
Hair: Kate from Dark Mouse
Necklace: Cerrie from KessKreations
Phone: Meek Cell Phone from RC
Shirt: Blood Border Shirt from ( ACgirl )
Shoes: Sneackers from LaRosa
Shorts: Starlust Motel Shorts from Tres Blah
Skin1: Alyson from Belleza
Skin2: Brawl by Sourpuss
Sutures: Stitches and Bandages from Fireflies

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